Human trafficking in the united states essay

Human trafficking in the united states essay here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. A new report is ensuring human trafficking survivors’ voices are heard. The new report lays out five recommended areas for the federal government to better support trafficking survivors.

The report recommends making trainings in human trafficking for law enforcement standardized nationwide, and facilitated by survivors. Instead of being seen as victims, they are seen as prostitutes. The report recommends making more safe houses available to older trafficking victims. Nancy Cabrera-Chacon says in the report.

Yes, this is a horrific thing with children, but we must see how these children also grow in this life and become damaged adults who are also victims. The authors suggest offering more economic opportunities for survivors, whether in the form of vocational trainings, financial counseling, educational scholarships, or employment in federal agencies as staff or consultants. Violesia, a survivor of sex trafficking, sits on a rocking chair at a home in Baltimore. Local and federal law enforcement agencies are trying to do more to combat sex trafficking, but with an ever-increasing volume of survivors being collected, the patchwork of governmental, non-profit and faith-based organizations that provide care are scrambling to keep up — Oct. In drafting the report recommendations, each of the co-authors was able to contribute based on their own personal experience as a trafficking survivor. I know what’s really happening on the ground.

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The man then forced her to have sex with others for money, physically abusing her when she didn’t bring enough back to him. 800 victims of sex trafficking, according to Frundt. The group provides services for sex-trafficked youth in Washington D. C, Maryland and Virginia, by creating support groups, running a hotline, and spending weekend nights from 3 a.

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